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Fact Finder Fiscal Review $500
      Includes 8-12 hour site visit and consultation within 100 miles of Oklahoma City.
      Includes review and detailed analysis of last 3 to 5 years financial statements.
      Includes a 3 to 5 page professionally prepared recommendation report.
 Online Consultation available and review of financials only $250.
 Consultation outside of 100 mile range will be charged travel and per diem.   
 Implementation services available for an additional charge.

Why Companies Need Consultants

Companies Need Personnel -
         Short Term Needs for Highly Qualified Personnel

Companies Need Fresh Ideas -
         Same Old People have Same Old Ideas

Companies Have Internal Political Struggles
         Employees and Departments can have hidden agendas

Companies Need to Improve Sales -
        Sales are lagging behind or sliding

Companies Need Capital -
         Companies need financing 

Companies are subject to Government Regulation -
         Regulations are fluid, not fixed

Companies Need to Operate Efficiently -
         Maximizing Efficiency should be a top priority

Companies Need Problem Solving Skills -
         You can not solve the problem if you can not define the problem

Companies Need to Make Decisions -
         The inability to make decisions will cripple a company

Companies Need to Train Employees -
         Companies can not afford to hire full time trainers

Companies Need to turn operations around -
         Companies are heading in the wrong direction and need a turn-around.











Warning Signs...If you have more than 5 let's talk.

  1. Losing Market Share
    1. Technology Shift
    2. Personnel Shift
    3. Poor or Non-Existent R & D
    4. Declining Sales
    5. Sales Force Losing Clients
    6. Declining Customer Satisfaction
    7. No CRM Plan
    8. Loss of Market Position
    9. Lack of Market information about Competitors
  2. Absence of Organizational Controls
    1. Policy and Procedures Manual
    2. Accountability Controls
    3. Profit Leaks
    4. Uncontrolled Costs (Steady or Constant Increases)
    5. No Formalized Job Descriptions
    6. No Agendas for Meetings
    7. Poor Time Management
    8. Accurate & Timely Financial Reporting
    9. No Supply Chain Controls
  3. Uncontrolled & Unjustified Diversification
    1. Acquiring Companies Just Because
    2. Un-focused Expansion
    3. Un-related Acquisitions
  4. Record Business Growth Rate
    1. Growth Rate Uncertainty
    2. Growth Rate Sustainability
    3. In-Ability to Handle Growth Rate
    4. Outgrowing Current Capacity
  5. Business First or Family First You Decide
    1. Privately Held
    2. Death or Divorce
    3. No Succession Plan
    4. Sibling Rivalry
    5. Nepotism
  6. Failing to Write a Business Plan
    1. No Business Plan
    2. Business Plan Ineffective
    3. Plan Ignored
  7. Incompatible Management Style
    1. Micro Managing
    2. Decision Making Difficulties
    3. Empowerment Issues
    4. Lack of Management Training
  8. Narrow Customer Base
    1. Large Percentage of Sales from one product
    2. Proverbial ?All your eggs in one basket?
    3. Pareto Principle 80/20
      1. 80 Percent of Business
      2. 20 Percent of Customers
  9. Operating Over Capacity (People, Plant, Equipment)
    1. Increased Responsibility
    2. Increased Workloads
    3. Increased Shifts
    4. Increased Expenses
    5. Low Morale
    6. Missed Deadlines
    7. Overworked Staff
    8. Supply Deficiencies
    9. Late Delivery of Product
    10. Excessive Rework
  10. Business Credit Issues
    1. Past Due A/R
    2. Past Due A/P
    3. Cash Flow Problems (Cash Shortages)
    4. Credit Collections Issues
    5. Inadequate Credit Terms
    6. Financial Ratios off Industry Norms
    7. Deteriorating Relationships with Lenders or Creditors
  11. Steps in a Turnaround
    1. Changing Leadership Change Pilot (New Leadership)
    2. Checking the Vital Signs Performing a Fiscal Physical Checkup
    3. Developing a Survival Plan Surviving the Storm (Formulating a Plan)
    4. Surviving the Crisis Riding the Storm Out (Staying Afloat)
    5. Returning to Profitability Getting back into the GREEN (Profitability)

Does your organization have any of the above symptoms? 

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